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Distance Education Support Personnel

Your computer and your network connection are your lifeline in a DE curriculum.  For the times that you may experience technical difficulty, it's always good to have someone with a similar logistical perspective to reach out to.  We encourage DE students to establish contact with fellow students in their programs, not only for academic camaraderie, but also to help determine if your network or your computer is having a temperamental moment or if there might be a wider problem.

If you suspect that a university resource might be experiencing an issue, we encourage you to reach out to your instructor.  They will probably already know if there's a temporary system disturbance and advise you how to proceed.  If there is a technical issue with which you need help, they can contact a College of Nursing support specialist for your or recommend the best person for you to contact.

The College of Nursing has a strong DE support team for instructors and for its online graduate students.  We are here to help.  Please feel free to contact any of our DE support personnel at any time.

ECU CON Distance Education Coordinator
Evan Bartley

ECU CON Blackboard Specialist
Laura Barnes Mizelle

ECU CON Blackboard Specialist
Ou Liang

ECU CON IT Director
Karl Faser