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  • Course Number: NURS 5620
  • Course Title: International Health Care
  • Credit Hours: 3 Semester Hours (2 Hours Didactic; 1 Hour Seminar)
  • Allocation of Time: 3 Contact Hours weekly
  • Placement in the Curriculum: Spring/Summer Semesters
  • Pre- and Co-requisites:
    • Pre-requisites: Undergraduate/Graduate Level
    • Co-requisites: None
  • Course Description: Consideration of the issues, philosophy, and cultural differences in regard to health care from an international perspective. Students will be expected to compare health care in the United States with other nations.
  • Faculty:
    Mary Kirkpatrick, RN, EdD
    Professor, International Coordinator
    Health Sciences Building, Office 2125
    Telephone: 252-744-6440
  • Course Objectives/Competencies:
    Following the completion of the course, learners will be able to:
      1. Trace the historical development of the health care in various countries and its impact on the health care delivery in the United States.
      2. Analyze the literature on selected health care delivery systems.
      3. Analyze the philosophical and cultural issues on health care in various countries.
      4. Explore the future trends in health care from a global perspective.
      5. Communicate with interdisciplinary health care providers nationally and internationally to determine the effect of philosophical/cultural differences on a changing health care system.
  • Teaching Strategies:
    Web Exploration
    Library Searches
    Field Explorations
    Cultural Exchanges (e-mail, one to one)
  • Evaluation Methods:
    • Grading Scale
      1. The course grade is based on the following scale:
        • A = 93-100 Outstanding, Extra Ordinary
        • B = 85-92 Passing
        • C = 78-84 Not Passing
        • D = 70-77 Not Passing
        • F = 69-below Not Passing
        Students may secure grades via OneStop using his/her userid and password.
      2. A student is required to earn a grade of "C" or higher for satisfactory completion of this course.
      3. All student grades will be posted on blackboard. Any student who does not want to have his/her grade posted should notify the instructor IN WRITING. The instructor will then omit those student's grades from any publicly posted list. Grades for individual students not posted will be available from the faculty member in person. The Registrar's Office must also be notified.
    • Course Grade
      • Web Assignments: 15%
      • Internet Project: 30%
      • Oral Participation: Discussion on Blackboard or (Overseas or on return) 15%
      • Final: Paper Compare & Contrast Health Care Systems 40%

      • Graduate students are to establish own objectives and field of study with research evidence.

  • Learning Environments and Activities: Academic Integrity is expected of every ECU student (refer to the ECU Student Government Association Documents.)
  • Clinical Rotations: N/A
  • Topical Outline:
    • Module I Underpinning for Caring
      • Introduction to course
      • Theoretical Basis: Transcultural Caring
      • Health Care Providers: Preparation/Role Education
      • Cultural Competence
      • Diversity and Health Care
    • Module II Health Care Systems
      • Ideology
      • Socialized Health Care
      • Private Health Care
    • Module III Universal Issues
      • Alternative Therapies
      • Geriatric Models
      • End of Life Care
    • Module IV Health/Illness Care
      • Health Promotion: Exercise/nutrition/lifestyle
      • Cardiac
      • Cancer
      • AIDS
    • Module V Travel/Communication Abroad
      • Netherlands
      • Germany
      • Sweden
      • Ireland

    Note: East Carolina University seeks to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations based on a covered disability must go to the Department for Disability Services, Brewster A114, to verify the disability before any accommodations can occur (telephone 252-328-6779).

NURS 5620- International Health Care
Below is a breakdown of requirements & expectations for the NURS 5620 curriculum.