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Destinations for CON Study Abroad

Opportunities to travel abroad are not limited to this page.  You need to explore the opportunities for travel abroad through the Office of International Affairs and other UNC programs.  However, in the ECU-CON there are some exciting opportunities.  To begin, if you have not received a brochure on the International Study Abroad programs, take a look here. In addition, you may want to view the flyers for upcoming programs this year by clicking on each of the following program brochures:

NURS6500 Leadership Internships in Dublin, Finland

NURS5620 International Health Care course in Middelburg, Netherlands

NURS4220 Perspectives in International Community Health Nursing in Guatemala, South America

NURS/Health 4090/6090 Language and Culture Immersion in Health and Human Services in Puebla, Mexico and opportunities for independent studies in various countries