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Policies Related to Research:

Faculty members and students of the ECUCON who engage in research must be familiar with and follow the University Policies Related to Research, which are outlined below.  In addition, the following policies specific to the ECUCON must be followed:

  • Research assistants complete IRB training and are taught how to do literature searches and data entry using SPSS. They can assist faculty with formatting and editorial needs such as correcting APA format. They cannot complete assignments that require interpretation or judgment of the faculty. For example, they can assist with formatting a large poster or a manuscript into a presentation. They can enter data into SPSS but setting up the file and developing a coding scheme must be done by the faculty member or the statistician. Requests for research assistance should be discusses with the Administrative Specialist and questions or concerns should be discussed with the Associate Dean for Research & Creative Activity. Please be specific about your needs and the time frame for your request so that we can determine if resources are adequate to meet the request.
  • Faculty who publish or present scholarly work during the academic year should submit the citation for this work to the ORS as soon as the manuscript is in print or the presentation completed. The ECUCON Office of Research and Creative Activity will forward the information to Pieces of Eight. All scholarly activity should be entered into SEDONA.
  • When IRB approval or reapproval is received for a study, a copy of the approval should be forwarded to the ORS.
  • To insure that resources are available to support specific types of research:
    • All research that involves data collection on ECUCON students must be discussed with the department chair of the principal investigator prior to submission to the IRB.
    • All research that involves use of the ECUCON simulation labs must be discussed with the Executive Director of Learning Technologies and Labs prior to submission.
    • All research that involves the commitment or need for additional resources and all proposals for external funding must be discussed with the Associate Dean for Research & Creative Activity and the Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance.
    • All research that requires assistance from the information technology staff must be discussed with the Director of Information Technology prior to IRB submission.

University Policies Related to Research

The Division of Research and Graduate Studies provides oversight of research activities.  Information can be accessed at:

Sites that are important to researchers include: