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Curriculum Plans for PhD Program

The doctor of philosophy in nursing prepares nurse researchers and scholars to explore, develop, and move forward the scientific bases of nursing practice and education. Students are prepared to conduct research in the domains of nursing science. The curriculum is enriched through cognate study in the social, behavioral, and biological sciences; interdisciplinary research; and the integration of technology in program delivery. Dissertation research prepares graduates to contribute discoveries to the body of nursing and health care knowledge. The location and mission of the school as well as the expertise of the faculty provide a unique opportunity for the discovery of knowledge related to nursing and health issues in rural underserved areas. Upon graduation, students are prepared to assume leadership positions as researchers, administrators in public and private health care organizations, policy makers and analysts, and university faculty.

The BSN to PhD option is a plan of study leading to the PhD degree. This graduate level option blends the doctoral curriculum with two different MSN concentrations: the "Nursing Education" concentration or the "Nursing Leadership" concentration. It reduces the number of master’s level courses required in the traditional MSN program and facilitates completion of the PhD in Nursing.