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The College of Nursing Golden Lamp Society was created to recognize the individuals who diligently support the College of Nursing on a regular basis. It serves as a consecutive giving society based on annual donations to the College of Nursing. Members of the society include any donor who has made a current donation of at least one hundred dollars for two years or more.

The purpose for creating the Golden Lamp Society is to encourage consecutive giving to the College of Nursing while promoting the importance of any gift, large or small. Members of this society will be recognized by having their names published in Pulse, as well as on a plaque in the building.

The 2011 Golden Lamp Society inductees are:

Gale Adcock
Mark Alexander
Martha Alligood
American Legion #39
Alta Andrews
Rebecca Bagley
Shannon Baker
Melba Barden
Jennifer Batts
Josie Bowman
Boy Scouts of America Troop 9
Melissa Brock
Sylvia Brown
Susan Bruck
Karen Bunch
Michael Bunting
Lana Chang
Bruce Cherry
Sharon Cherry
Robert Coffey
Sandra Coffey
Rita Coggins
Mary Collier
John Core
Sarah D'Empaire
Susan Dolinar
Neil & Donna Dorsey
ECU Senior Nursing Class
Melydia Edge
Linda Fisher
J. Fleming
Mary Gaddis
Phyllis Glasgow
Annette Greer
Carolyn Grune
Jason Hardee
Brode Harrell
Susan Harrell
Edward Healey
Mary Holland
Phyllis Horns
Walter Houston
Jacqueline Hutcherson
Brenda Jarman
Barry Jennings
Linda Jennings
D. Elizabeth Jesse
Joy Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Jeanette Jones
Sarah Jordan
Phillip Julian
Martha Kenworthy
Deborah Kornegay
Kenneth Manning
Linda Mayne
Maura McAuliffe
Richard McDaniel
Patricia McRae
Stephen Michaux-Smith
Vinnie Mills
Ashley Morgan
Melissa Nasea
Marlene Nickell
NP Council Eastern Region
Judith Parks
Annette Peery
Hal Pierce
Helen Pierce
Pirate Media Group LLC
Mary Plybon
Diane Poole
Walter Pories
Evelyn Pruden
William Reichert
Pamela Reis
Laura Reynolds
Donna Roberson
Jo Rodri
Bridget Rogers
Ron Ayers Motorsports
Mary Ann Rose
Sharon Sarvey
Elaine Scott
Patricia Sheehan
Ann Siva
Kimberly Smith
Rose Smith
Mary Sprague
Nancy Stephenson
Jacquelyn Stone
Valerie Tarte
Tamira Tate
Robert Jones
Stephen Thomas
Kathy Thorne
University Book Exchange Inc.
University Health Systems
Kenneth Barlow
Sandra Walsh
Rebecca West
Scott Wetherbee
Paul Wiegand
Dorothy Williams
Lucille Williams
Nancy Windes
Amy Woodard
Alma Kay Woolard
Annette Wysocki
Dianne Youngs
Donna Zekonis