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Graduate Student Organization

Executive Officer  Position Descriptions

The President serves as the primary contact person for GSO. He/She leads the meetings, consults with the other officers in organizing events, oversees that GSO is fulfilling its responsibilities properly, and works with the undergraduate and doctoral student groups in enhancing student communication.

The vice president of the GSO functions to oversee CON committee positions and to assist the president with her responsibilities in her absence. She also attends regular GSO board and membership meetings, provides input for events and programming, and works collaboratively with other board members to promote the College of Nursing and the GSO.

The treasurer is responsible for requisitioning funds for organizational use from the money appropriated to the organization by the University GSC, collaborating with the other officers to determine how said moneys will be spent, keeping accurate records of financial transactions, organizing fund raising activities in collaboration with the officers and preparing an annual financial statement for publication to the membership.

The secretary attends GSO board meetings, takes notes, and writes minutes. Additionally, she compiles and distributes a biweekly electronic GSO update which informs students of the upcoming GSO events or ongoing GSO and College of Nursing opportunities. The secretary also assists in brainstorming, planning, and executing GSO events.