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Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) was organized during the 2006-2007 academic year to provide a means for the presentation, consideration, and disposition of concerns and interests of CON graduate students. GSO functions to facilitate communication between students and faculty and provide representation in student and academic affairs. Our organization represents graduate student from all CON graduate concentrations. We receive funding for travel, supplies, and other activities through our parent organization, the Graduate Student Council (GSC). The CON GSO does not charge student fees.

The CON GSO recognizes the unique needs of the distance education student. To accommodate these needs, GSO meetings are web casts live via CENTRA. Students can actively participate in meetings from anywhere with web access by logging on using their secure pin. Participation includes live voting during meetings, audio and visual interaction with other members, and the ability to the view recorded meetings at later times.

Our GSO is pleased to announce that travel assistance has been awarded to four students traveling to approved nursing conferences during the 2008-2009 academic year. The future plans of the CON GSO include fundraising events, campus service projects, and community service projects.

Current and prospective graduate nursing students, please select from the list below to listen to an overview of the GSO.

Chris Sutton's Introduction to GSO (President GSO 2007-2008)
Hettie Peele's Comments at Graduate Orientation (President GSO 2008-2009)

Current announcements can be found here.