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General Questions  (top)

Do I have to use my ECU e-mail account in order to take a class online?
All registered ECU students are issued an e-mail account that has to be used when taking online courses. Your e-mail account will be your initials followed by the month and day of your birthday.

To access your e-mail account click on the following link:

How much computer and Internet experience do I need?
    1. Experience navigating through the WWW.
    2. Experience downloading files from the Internet.
    3. Experience adding attachments to e-mails.
    4. Word-processing skills.

What if I experience technical problems?
If you are having trouble staying connected, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are having difficulty accessing an ECU e-mail account, call the ECU help desk at 252-328-9866. If you continue to have access problems, contact your instructor and explain the problems you are experiencing. Your instructor can direct you to the appropriate resource to deal with the problem you describe.

ECU nursing students may also contact our IT team.
To get the best technical support, be prepared to answer questions about your hardware system that might include the following:

  • manufacturer
  • model
  • serial numbers
  • processor type and speed
  • the size of your hard drive
  • the amount of RAM on your machine
    (Windows 2000/Windows XP users can get this info by right-clicking on the desktop's My Computer icon and choosing Properties.)
  • Have a list of all the software (plus version numbers) that you've installed, including your browser. Sometimes problems are due to software and hardware conflicts.
  • Know what operating system you're using: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Macintosh.
  • See if you can reproduce the problem and/or whether you can reproduce it on another computer.
  • Know whether your modem is internal or external.
  • Try to figure out whether the problem occurs in all applications or only with certain applications.
  • If it is a problem with accessing an account, check your Caps Lock key. Some passwords, such as those for Prodigy Internet, are case sensitive.
  • Write down any error messages you receive.
  • If your computer (or other hardware) is not working at all, check to make sure all connections are secure. In other words, is everything plugged in?
  • Be next to your computer when you call.

    Remember, technical representatives are there to help you with your problem. The more information you can provide them, the more they can help you!

When will I hear from my online instructors? Should I contact him or her prior to the beginning of class to let them know I am taking their course?
    You may hear from your instructors by letter. If not, you will hear from your instructors within the first week of classes. It is not necessary to notify online instructors before classes since they will receive the latest course roster and make necessary contacts with students by e-mail.

Is there an enrollment limit for online courses?
    Yes, because the instructor still has the responsibility of facilitating course lessons and grading course assignments, an enrollment limit is set for each class. Enrollment limit varies by course.

How can I check my grades in an online course?
    In Blackboard you may go under STUDENT TOOLS/ CHECK YOUR GRADE.

What services and resources are available to me as a distance education student at ECU?
    1. Library Access
    2. ECU e-mail
    3. Textbook Purchase
    4. Financial Aid