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Who We Are

As future professional nurses, nursing students need the opportunity to learn about the goals and objectives of professional organizations. The East Carolina Association of Nursing Students (ECANS) is a pre-professional organization for nursing students patterned after its parent organization, the American Nurses Association (ANA). ECANS is a constituent member of the North Carolina Association of Nursing Students (NCANS) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).

Membership in ECANS, NCANS and NSNA is open to any pre-nursing or nursing student. Upon acceptance into the clinical major, membership is an expectation, as it is believed to promote the educational and professional growth necessary to becoming a professional nurse. Dues are payable once per school year.

Local meetings are held once per month. The dates and location of meetings are posted on the ECANS bulletin board located in the College of Nursing lobby. Activities such as community service projects for Ronald McDonald House, New Directions Shelter for Women and Children, the Homeless Shelter and other community services provide students with the opportunity to learn, while at the same time, offering a service to the community.

Other activities sponsored by ECANS may include a Christmas Dance, an annual food drive for needy families and fundraising activities.

Through membership and participation in ECANS, it is possible to share experiences with students in all levels of the nursing curriculum, to share common interests and to begin to develop one's own philosophy of nursing as a profession. By becoming a member, students take a step toward learning about their chosen profession and the issues important to the future of nursing in North Carolina and the nation.

Membership in NCANS and NSNA qualifies each student for state and national scholarships, discounts on printing/copying, discounted reference texts and study guides, and issues of the state and national journals. NSNA also offers a credit card program and health/accident insurance at low rates.