College of Nursing
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For more information about ENC RIBN, please contact:
Kelly Cleaton, MAEd
ENC RIBN Student Success Advocate
(252) 744-6498

Designated Community College Partnerships
Josie Bowman, RN, DSN
Director, ENC RIBN Project
College of Nursing
East Carolina University
(252) 744-6412

Belinda Barnhill, RN, MSN
Chair of Nursing and Continuing Education
Craven Community College
(252) 638-7341

Kent Dickerson, RN, MSN
Director of Nursing
Beaufort County Community College
(252) 940-6205

Elizabeth De Jesus Toderick RN, MSN, CNE
Director of Nursing
Pitt Community College
(252) 493-7474

Michelle Warren, RN, MSN
Coordinator Associate Degree Nursing
Roanoke-Chowan Community College
( 252) 862-1285

Alexis Welch RN, EdD
Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing
Lenoir Community College
(252) 527-6223 ext. 801

For more information on the background and funding of the RIBN project, please visit "The Foundation for Nursing Excellence" website at